Top 20 Best Deer Attractants for 2022 to Get the Buck of a Lifetime

Best Deer Attractants

Every year, hunters are looking for every advantage to have a successful hunting season.  In this article, we outline the 20 best deer attractants for the 2022-2023 hunting season. The goal? Land the buck of a lifetime. 

Seasoned hunters and novices alike scour online reviews, talk to friends, and compare results of popular products as they prepare for hunting season. It’s not just finding a good product, but the best deer attractant that will make your season a great one. So how do you know which deer attractants are worth the money?

Whether you’re an experienced pro or just starting out, it’s never a bad idea to try the latest products that have all the other hunters raving, especially when it comes to deer attractants. 

Best Deer Attractants For 2022-2023

We’ve compared some of the fan favorites and collected reviews to showcase the best 20 deer attractants that should be on your must-buy list in 2022-2023. These vary from the traveling hunter to ones who prefer a treestand, so however and wherever you hunt, you will find a match.

Let us know in the  comments which one you think is the best deer attractant for you in 2022-2023 and if we missed an attractant you HAVE to have!

Best Deer Attractants Options for 2022-2023:

Deer Attractant



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Acorn Rage for best deer attractants

Acorn Rage 

Wildgame Innovations

Mineral Supplement 

Deer Cane Mix for best deer attractants

Deer Cane Mix

Evolved Habitats

Mineral Mixture 

Sugarbeet Crush for best deer attractants

Sugarbeet Crush

Wildgame Innovations


Buck Blitz for best deer attractants

Buck Blitz

Buck Blitz


Antler Power for best deer attractants

Antler Power

Outdoor Hunting Lab

Mineral Mixture 

Bad Habit for best deer attractants

Bad Habit



Antler Edge for best deer attractants

Antler Edge



Big Tine Nitro for best deer attractants

Big Tine Nitro

Scott Pet

Mineral Supplement

To Die For for best deer attractants

To Die For

Big & J 


Co-Cain for best deer attractants


Evolved Habitats


Buck Jam for best deer attractants

Buck Jam



No Sweat, No-Till for best deer attractants

No Sweat, No-Till

Antler King

Plot Mix

Mineral Mix 30-06 for best deer attractants

Mineral Mix 30-06

Whitetail Institute

Mineral Supplement

Persimmon Crush for best deer attractants

Persimmon Crush

Wildgame Innovations


Deer Dander Red for best deer attractants

Deer Dander Red

Team Fizgerald

Synthetic Deer Urine

Deer Dander Red for best deer attractants

Whitetail Doe Urine

Code Blue


Deer Dander Red for best deer attractants

Estrous Gel Stream #69 Doe-in-Rut



Deer Dander Red for best deer attractants

Buck Jam Ripe Apple

Evolved Habitat


Deer Dander Red for best deer attractants


Whitetail Institute


Deer Dander Red for best deer attractants

Boost 73 Sweet Corn



Recommended Deer Attractants

Mineral and Nutrient Based Attractants

Acorn Deer Attractant - 2022

acorn rage for for Best Deer Attractants

Acorn Rage from Wildgame Innovations is a tried-and-trusted deer attractant by almost every whitetail deer hunter. This deer attractant boasts acorn scents and tastes mixed with other minerals that drive deer into a feeding frenzy.

Acorn Rage can be placed on the ground, in a trough, or in gravity feeders. It has added nutrients that contribute to antler growth and overall deer health, making it beneficial for the deer in your area overall.

Why We Like It

Acorn Rage is low maintenance, can be set out in a variety of settings, and produces quality results. We like it because you can add it to a trough, the ground, or mix it with other attractants for enhanced results. It doesn’t have a lot of limitations and requires little to no effort once put out. 

Always check your local hunting laws, as some states would classify this as baiting, so always see where this attractant falls before use.

What the Reviews Say

Hunters love this product because it goes fast — deer are almost instantly drawn to Acorn Rage and often many at one time. It’s best used in the winter or in Dec./Jan. when food is more scarce. 

It can be considered baiting, so always check your local laws before use. When placed in a good area and used frequently, it definitely creates a feeding frenzy! If your area is cleared for use, this is the one to buy without any hesitation. 


Mineral Mix 30-06 Deer Attractant - 2022

best mineral supplement for for Best Deer Attractants

Many of the best deer attractants are mineral-based, as they provide the best results, so it makes sense to start off our suggestions with a straight mineral supplement. 

Whitetail Institute produces a widely popular protein mineral mix, 30-06, which aids in antler growth and growing the local deer population overall.

Used directly on the ground and raked into the soil, it draws many deer in for the nutrients and flavor. It’s wildly popular due to its protein levels and is a perfect vitamin supplement that deer naturally crave.

Why We Like It

The 30-06 mineral supplements are designed with deer in mind. Similar mineral products are often designed for general cattle or wildlife. The drawback of those mineral products is that they don’t provide deer the right nutrients, which is bad for hunting and bad for the deer overall.  

Whitetail Institute has made sure their deer mineral supplement is both an effective attractant and good for the deer. This deer attractant aids a doe’s lactation and pregnancy nutrients, and help grow the antlers in bucks. This means healthier deer, larger bucks, and a strong attractant deer can’t resistant. 

What the Reviews Say

Compared to other mineral blocks that hunters use, this mineral attractant is not destroyed or melted by the rain; long lasting = better results. Deer will continuously visit the site of the 30-06, digging holes to get any and all minerals that are absorbed into the ground. This is perfect for those who are patient and want the extra time to get their aim just right.

Hunters that have invested in other deer attractants see the most success with this purchase, which is why it makes the top spot on our list. When in doubt, always go with the mineral supplement series from Whitetail Institute, you won’t be sorry that you did. They make their deer attractants specifically for wild deer and the results show it. 


Evolved Habitats Deer Cane Mix Attractant - 2022

Best deer attractants for deer hunting

Evolved Habitats Deer Cane Mix is a premium option when gearing up for the next hunting season. One bag of their mineral mixture, no additional mixing needed, can be used right at the tree stand site or a similar location. No prep, no wait time, just instant results.

It is instantly activated once released, encouraging deer to visit the site right away. Deer will continue to engage with the site once they’ve caught the scent and taste of the mineral mix in order to get the most out of the area as they can. This includes, digging, browsing, and waiting for more, keeping them right where you want them. 

Why We Like It

Nothing beats a classic like deer cane when choosing your deer attractant for 2022-2023. These mineral mixtures help stimulate deer by not only attracting them to the site but getting them excited enough to paw, lick, and urinate on the site, creating a routine visit to the location.

The Deer Cane mixture is a favorite because it doesn’t require any prep and can be used at your favorite tree stand location. Other deer attractants that require prep of the land can be hard to use in a location that you don’t frequent often, so this is a great choice for those hunters who like to visit new areas. 

What the Reviews Say

Seasoned hunters return to this product year after year due to its results and 2022-2023 is no different. It helps attract new deer and many hunters use it year-round to encourage regular visits. By doing so, the deer are already accustomed to traveling a regular path where they know they’ll get the minerals they need.

Some pros recommend trying out a few different sites if you don’t have immediate luck with this deer attractant. So, if at first you find no luck, try a new area. Removing vegetation, digging a small hole, and stimulating the mix with water are all ways to get the scent out in the air and new deer visiting the grounds, as well. These small tricks are quick to do, require little to no prep, and will produce greater results. 


Wildgame Innovations Sugarbeet Crush Deer Attractant - 2022

Wildgame Innovations Sugarbeet Crush best deer attractants

Wildgame Innovations is a trusted brand for the best deer attractants and creates some of the more popular deer attractants on the market today. When looking for the best attractant for bucks, this one can’t be beaten.

This ultra-concentrated blend is a mix of sugar beets and roasted soybeans, creating a strong aroma and even better taste. Sugar beets can be hard for deer to find, so once it’s out, they’re going to keep coming back for more.

You can buy it in a variety of bag sizes, so you can start off small and buy larger when you’re ready.

Why We Like It

A deer attractant that has no mixing required is always one of our favorites. This deer attractant just needs the top of the bag ripped open, and it’s ready to pour. It doesn’t need to be in a stand and instead can go directly on the ground — snow or rain won’t bother it.

Hunters have tested this nationwide and it holds up, so no matter where you’re hunting, this is a must-have. Watch your trail cameras go from stagnant inactivity to 600 pics over a weekend — results you’ll see and you will believe.

What the Reviews Say

With over 800 ratings and boasting a 4.5 out of 5, Sugar Beet Crush from Wildgame Innovations is one of the most popular and best deer attractants you can purchase.

Affordable, easy to use, and extremely effective! Hunters love this because they pour it on the ground and the deer come in. Unlike some other deer attractants where the deer pass by or merely graze, the Sugar Beet Crush keeps them around longer and coming back for more.

The best thing about this deer attractant from Wildgame Innovations is that it works in a variety of areas: Midwest, Southeast, and more. Combine this with a few other treats or even a mineral block and you won’t have any issues seeing deer coming around this season.


Buck Blitz Deer Attractant - 2022

Buck Blitz best deer attractants

Another popular and one of the best deer attractant (so popular it was on Final Descent Outdoors Hunting Show) is Buck Blitz. This is a concentrated deer bait that upgrades ordinary corn and deer feed into a super attractant.

Intended for white-tailed deer, it has many features that put it above and beyond competitors’ deer attractants. As Brad Clay said on Final Descent Outdoors, “If you’re not using it, you better hope your neighbor’s not.”

Why We Like It

Buck Blitz is a popular deer attractant for whitetail deer in 2022-2023 and prior because it’s effective, easy to use, and covers a lot of area for a small cost. It uses a strong and sweet aroma that draws in bucks from miles out, even prompting them to alter their traditional travel patterns.

Each bag has concentrated treats of up to 300 lbs of corn/feed, meaning 50 lb per 2 oz scoop. This goes further and covers more area without having to invest in numerous bags or even different items. This deer attractant is useful for a variety of climates, from the open field to the wooded area. One and done with Buck Blitz!

What the Reviews Say

It’s a no-brainer – Buck Blitz is a top seller for a reason. It’s a go-to long-range attractant that hunters like because it works over 60 yards out, at least. It’s easy to transport, has an easily identifiable smell, and hunters know immediately that it’s going to attract local deer.

Bad Habit Deer Attractant - 2022

Bad Habit best deer attractants

Domains’ Bad Habit deer attractant is the perfect weapon for any deer hunter. It’s specially formulated to provide premium nutrition and long-range attraction, altering a deer’s natural path so they come right to the berry scent.

Containing ingredients such as protein, fat (energy), vitamins & minerals – all enhanced with berry-infused flavor and aroma, it’s a treat deer cannot ignore.

This is a powerful and one of the best deer attractants that acts as a power food and will be sure to draw bucks from longer distances than ever before.  So get ready for hunting season, it’s going to be a lot busier than ever before!

Why We Like It

The Bad Habit deer attractant stands out due to its berry aroma and protein base. It can be used on its own or mixed with other feeds and attractants, making it a diverse product to have on hand all year round. Recommended use can be in a feeder or straight on the ground, so no special preparations are required.

Mix it, pour it, or scatter it — it’s ready for use upon delivery. With a unique scent and protein base that deer crave, this is a popular, underrated item that more hunters should have on hand to prepare for the hunting season.

What the Reviews Say

Middle of the day? No problem! Deer are itching to arrive when they smell this attractant. Hunters see results sometimes within an hour and it doesn’t take a night to wait for the deer to alert the trail cameras.

If you’re ready to increase the deer in your area, this will do the trick.


Antler Power Deer Attractant - 2022

Antler Power best deer attractants

Antler Power is a mineral deer attractant & food supplement designed to work on even the most stubborn deer. It’s a curated blend of attractive flavors deer can’t resistant, with a scent intended to carry long distances.

The best thing about Antler power is that it’s intended to nourish healthier antler growth for local herds. It’s a food supplement that helps make a difference in antler growth of up to 10-40 inches in bucks (if fed around the primary age, 1-3 years old).

Why We Like It

Healthier herds are what matters most when it comes to hunting. Buck-hunting isn’t the same if the antlers are underdeveloped from malnourished bucks. That’s why this is a go-to mineral supplement: it’s full of vitamins and minerals that promote strong antler growth and lead to a healthier deer herd.

Additionally, this food supplement helps does produce more milk, leading to healthier fawns. The healthier the herd, the more seasons they survive, the more plentiful the rut season.

What the Reviews Say

Trail cameras don’t lie: hunters are seeing deer fight and dig down to the dirt to get all of this product that they can. It works almost immediately, with some hunters seeing results in just a few hours. 

Even those who have had very little success in recent years using different deer attractants find this one produces more deer activity than any other deer attractant they’ve tried, including 2022-2023.

The scent is strong, the deer return, and deer activity in the general area increases noticeably. If you’re torn on trying this one, there isn’t much to lose – a 4.3 rating with photos to prove the success makes this a worthy investment for any buck hunter. Plus, a money back guarantee.


Big Tine Nitro Deer Attractant - 2022

Big Tine Nitro best deer attractants

Big Tine NITRO™ is a mineral and vitamin supplement for deer that easily tops the rankings of best deer attractants to purchase. It contains all the essential trace minerals, as well as key vitamins that only deer need!

Big Tine NITRO features a unique formula that provides these crucial nutrients in their most natural form possible, enticing deer and keeping them healthy year-round.

Why We Like It

Mineral and vitamin supplements are great for herd health and an exciting rut and that’s what Big Tine prioritizes. The organic approach allows the minerals to be better absorbed and stored in a deer’s body, keeping them healthy and strong. With the key ingredient selenium, deer have a better metabolism, strong growth, higher reproduction, and are better at fighting off infections.

If a healthy, active herd is what you’re searching for, investing in NITRO will get you there. That’s why we recommend it: organic ingredients for a better deer herd this year.

What the Reviews Say

Just as good as the Whitetail brand with organic minerals and ingredients? Yes! Hunters rely on this for years to bring the deer around. It’s popular, affordable, and easy to transport.

Hunters notice an improvement in the herd’s health and activity after using this. The trail cameras don’t lie — the deer come back again and again once they realize this is available.


Antler Edge Deer Attractant - 2022

antler edge best deer attractants

Antler Edge® is a powerful 21% protein, nutrient-rich deer attractant with a strong sweet aroma that will not only hold more deer on your property than ever before but also give them an overall boost in health and antler growth. Its highly palatable formulation paired with its savory flavor makes this product one of the best you can get!

High nutrition, quality ingredients, and appetite stimulation are all part of the package. Perfect for use year-round so antler growth is healthy and the local herds stay strong.

Why We Like It

If you’re looking for a way to get the attention of whitetail deer, then look no further than this food plot lure. Food plots are highly effective as lures and provide great sustenance – but sometimes they just aren’t appropriate in certain areas. This puts an end to that problem as a super-powerful buck magnet!

Antler Edge provides all the benefits of a food plot without the working of creating one. You can provide health and nutrition to local deer herds and attract them to your land with this simple protein-packed deer attractant.

What the Reviews Say

This product gets rave reviews because its quality ingredients are no joke: no fillers, no cattle salt, not your average “feed bag” of a product.

Antler Edge is an up-and-coming product that puts protein at the forefront of their formula so deer are instantly attracted to the aroma and nourishment.


Persimmon Crush Deer Attractant - 2022

best deer attractants in 2022

Wildgame Innovations has produced a popular attractant – the Persimmon Crush Attractant. Chalked full of fat content, fragrances, and tastes of persimmons, this is a highly effective deer attractant for the late season.

Simply open, dump, and let the deer come to you, no mixing or prep required. This is an easy and effective deer attractant that must be on your buy list this year. 

Why We Like It

Seasoned pros discuss using this product to get “the big one” — the elusive buck that always slips past them at night. This is because the smell and taste of deer that are familiar with persimmons is hard to resist. It’s a tasty treat deer can find in the wild in select locations, so if they’re able to get more with ease, they’re going to.

You can up your game and increase your chances of getting the big buck this season by putting out some Persimmon Crush Attractant by Wildgame Innovations. Well worth the purchase for the results it delivers. 

What the Reviews Say

If your area has wild persimmons, this is the deer attractant for you. Hunters note this is most effective where persimmons grow naturally and if that’s the case for your area, it’s a must-get. Fluctuating results primarily occur with hunters who use this product where persimmons aren’t a natural flower. Aside from that, it’s amazing how effective it is for users. 

Once the deer catch the scent, they’ll be coming back for more. Putting out more than one pile can produce great results, especially in areas with a large population of deer. We recommend trying out a pile or two and expanding your area out as you go. A slow start can lead to worthy results. 


Plot Mix - 2022

plot mix for best deer attractants

Deer plots don’t have to require a lot of work, especially when you opt for Antler King’s No Sweat, No-Till Plot Mix. This mix contains the right variety of oats, rye, and other mixtures you need for a successful plot without doing all of the prep work before hand.

This plot mix is tolerant to shade and varying pH levels, allowing it to be fast-growing with minimal work. It’ll produce the annuals and perennials your local deer will eat up fast without constant maintenance.

Why We Like It

If you’re looking to draw deer near you while also providing them nutrition and growth, plot mix is the way to go. You can encourage deer to visit your site, provide them proper nutrients for health and antler growth, and be ready for hunting season once it arrives.

A deer plot is a popular option when considering deer attractants because it becomes a reliable spot for the deer in your area while also ensuring you’re getting the biggest bucks around by giving them food for growth. 

Plus, a plot is extremely natural and unlike heavily scented or flavored deer attractants, it won’t attract a wide variety of wildlife that interfere with your hunting.

What the Reviews Say

Users of the No Sweat Plot Mix deer attractant recommend planting no later than early fall, seeing the best success when planting in Spring and Summer. Both novices and pros love this product because it can be planted in dense woods and still produce results. 

Plant it, leave it, show up and reap the results. That’s a deer attractant worth investing in, and you don’t have to be hunting in wide open areas for it to work.

With a small amount of tilling or preparation it can be even more effective, but the name still holds true for those that opted out of prepping the ground and still saw growth in a few days’ time. You can choose to ready the site before planting or let it do its thing, whatever works best for you and your time. 


To-Die-For Long Range Deer Attractant - 2022

Big & J mineral best deer attractants

Total digestible nutrition – refined process – powerful scent: a deer attractant that is not only powerful but healthy and with the highest level of TDN than almost any premium feed. Deer want the best food set-up available, so it’s not enough to put something out, it has to be right.

Big & J uses a protein base to help with antler growth and uses the aroma of sweet corn to bring deer in. This natural scent is powerful and irresistible, keeping the deer near you all year long.

Why We Like It

This makes our list of the best deer attractants because it’s simple but effective: the sweet corn aroma is a popular one with deer and the protein base gives them better antler growth while stimulating their appetite.

Along with providing one of the highest total digestible nutrition amounts out of many deer feeds, this means you’re getting more nutrition for your investment. Less filler, more deer coming out to your trail with this deer attractant in your arsenal this season.

What the Reviews Say

Put it next to your other deer attractants and you’ll spot the difference: this refined deer attractant is what brings the bucks in and keeps them engaged. Don’t be fooled by the refined texture and amount, it’s powerful and the trail cameras will be the proof.


Whitetail Institute Kraze Flavored Deer Attractant - 2022

Whitetail Institute Kraze Flavored best deer attractants

Are you a fan of Whitetail Institutes and looking for all the Imperial Whitetail Deer Attractants you can get your hands on? Then add KRAZE to your list of mineral deer attractants to pick up this year!

This deer attractant is specifically designed to attract whitetail deer in the winter and fall months. It appeals to their natural desire for sugar and has a mix of scents and tastes to appeal to many herds. Pour directly on the ground and it’s good to go, no set-up or prep required.

In the top 100 of deer calls and lures on Amazon, Kraze from Imperial Whitetail makes our list of recommended attractants due to the brand’s proven dedication of research to drive results. The mixture of scents and aromas makes this a powerful contender to draw any deer to the site.

If you’re looking for a deer attractant for the fall or winter months, this is the right one to pick up and add to your hunting resources.

Why We Like It

Imperial Whitetail is one of our favorite go-to deer attractant brands. They have several top-tier products and excellent customer service. Kraze is yet another addition that provides attractant options year-round.

What sets this attractant apart is the mixture of scents and aromas. Imperial Whitetail knows that odor drives a deer to a site and then the taste hooks them after. The inclusion of sugar, especially in seasons where it is scarce, is the perfect attractant for many herds.

Use this your trail cameras to track the deer all year long, reinforce their visitation habits to your favorite hunting grounds, and make plans for where you’ll be hunting next season.

What the Reviews Say

4.2 out of 5 rating doesn’t lie when it comes to this stuff! Although not as popular or as effective as some of our other items, this is a great deer attractant for those who are looking for fall and winter mixtures or looking to change the variety of their items.

We always recommend hunters combine products if a stand alone use doesn’t work. Use your trail camera to monitor the effectiveness. Hunters are happy with the results, especially at the price point.

Is this our number 1 recommended deer attractant? No, but we’ve found many hunters are looking for the next hit item, and this could be the one!


Liquid Mineral Attractants

Evolved Liquid Co-Cain Deer Attractant - 2022

Best deer attractants liquid for best deer hunting

If you’re a fan of mineral mixtures, you can also opt for liquid deer attractants over standard mineral mixes or salt licks. These are a beneficial option because they do not require any mixing and applicable to a variety of surfaces.

Evolved makes their liquid Co-Cain in a liquid form, utilizing natural molasses flavors and mineral enhancements. Unlike some other liquid deer attractants, Co-Cain from Evolved does not require any mixing and can be used directly out of the jug.  This is the best deer attractant in liquid form on the market.

Why We Like It

Liquid deer attractants are long-lasting and soak the ground immediately when applied. This makes the ground and mineral that much more enticing to deer, who are determined to get all of the nutrients available. This leads to return visits and excessive digging in order to obtain all that they can. This is a perfect attractant that requires no set-up but great results.

The scent and taste is what keeps the deer coming back. You may see large holes from their continued pawing to retrieve the stimulant, which is a great way to know if this deer attractant is working. 

What the Reviews Say

Users boast that they see a large turnout every year they use the liquid product, especially when spread out over a wide area. Don’t limit yourself to a small portion of land, spread it out and take advantage of the liquid form that requires no prep.

The best use of this product is to mix it with additional minerals to provide enough nutrients to the deer, but once that’s completed they won’t stop coming back. 

You can expect quality results when utilizing a liquid deer attractant like Black Magic, especially in combination with other products that stimulants all of a deer’s senses. 


Liquid Buck Jam Deer Attractant - 2022

buck jam for for Best Deer Attractants

Evolved Habitats doesn’t just produce liquid Black Magic deer attractant, they produce an entire line of liquid Buck Jam that is widely popular among hunters. 

Take everything you like about the Black Magic liquid deer attractant and add some flavors and you’ve got a varying line of liquid deer attractants to choose from for even the most selective deer.

Available in Sweet Corn and Persimmon, the Honey Acorn is by far the most popular when opting for a liquid Buck Jam flavor to attract deer to your site. 

This is most likely due to persimmons and sweet corn varying in different regions but honey acorn is a widely available natural flavor no matter where you are located.

Why We Like It

Buck Jams not only provide minerals, but they also use specific flavors and scents to draw bucks in. It’s a versatile product that can be used with other attractants or on its own. Unlike Black Magic, where it’s best used alongside other attractants to give it a stronger scent or taste, the Buck Jam has added in that flavor for you.

Although we recommend the Honey Acorn flavor based on its popularity, the Sweet Corn and Persimmons varieties allow you to purchase the flavor that is most commonly found naturally in your area. Take advantage of this variety based on the season or your hunting location.

What the Reviews Say

Users note placing this on corn or tree stumps provides the most successful results, and it’s not as effective when poured directly on the ground. If you hunt remotely in flat land areas, this may not be the choice for you. However, if you have access to stumps or other natural elements, you definitely want to give it a try.

The one drawback to Buck Jam deer attractant is that it may do more than attract deer and bucks to your site, so be careful of any other animals that come checking it out. Because of the strong flavors and scent, you may find other animals coming in to inspect the attractant, so be mindful of other wildlife in your area. 


Evolved Habitat Buck Jam Ripe Apple - 2022

Evolved Habitat Buck Jam Ripe Apple, 1 gallon for for Best Deer Attractants

Looking for a different flavor of Buck Jam to use as your deer attractant for the hunting season? The Apple Buck Jam Deer Attractant is so good we knew we had to make it its own recommendation.

Like any Buck Jam, this is chock full of minerals that deer crave. The added benefit of the apple, however, is the unique taste. The salty-sweet flavor is hard for deer to find naturally, so it draws deer to it almost instantly.

You get 1-gallon of the apple Buck Jam deer attractant with this order which is a great starting place. Use it on its own or combine it with other flavors and treats to make it irresistible to your local deer herd.

Why We Like It

The Apple Buck Jam makes our list of top deer attractants because of the powerful scent, delicious taste, mineral base, and unique flavor combination.

This is a go-to for many hunters (or so we like to say) because once deer catch a whiff or a taste, they’ll be back for more. The scent draws deer in because it isn’t a common scent for many hunting grounds, and that piques their curiosity.

We’ve been recommended to combine this with actual apples or other treats, to increase the aroma and the taste. So, this can be used as a stand-alone deer attractant or you can combine it with other efforts to get the most out of it.

What the Reviews Say

Rain? No problem! The Apple Buck Jam holds up!

The thick consistency, almost like syrup, of this deer attractant means it is not easily washed away. Use on old logs in the area and don’t worry too much about the weather, because it is able to withstand short bursts of rain or minor showers.

While some hunters say it is hit-or-miss, the majority of reviewers opt for this deer attractant because it complements the deer attractants they are already using and shows undeniable results. If you have corn feeders or other attractants that have failed, put this out to complement the rest.

Even if you have apple orchards in your area, the benefit of this deer attractant is that can be used in combination to make the scent stronger and taste thicker. Win-win!


TINK'S Boost 73 Sweet Corn Food Attractant - 2022

TINK'S Boost 73 Sweet Corn Food Attractant for best deer attractants

Yes, we were so impressed with Tink’s gel whitetail doe scented deer attractant that we added their food attractant to our list of top deer attractants for your hunting season. Call us a Tink’s fan, if you will, and you probably will become one, too.

It’s hard to compare to the Buck Jam, but if you’re looking for an alternative mineral attractant from a trusted brand, this one makes our list.

The new sweet corn flavor is a trusted taste found in a lot of deer attractants and for good reason – it’s reliable and always a hit with whitetail deer.

Tink’s focuses on strong aromas to attract deer to the minerals, all the proper supplements to aid in herd and antler growth, and an affordable price point to reach every hunter on the market for a new mineral attractant.

Why We Like It

We added this product to our deer attractant round-up because Tink’s is a trusted name for many hunters. The brand is popular with a wide range of hunters and we like to include diversity in our products.

The sweet corn flavor makes our list because it’s tried and true for many hunters. Whitetail deer are drawn to areas with sweet corn scents and the mineral supplements included in this deer attractant are perfect for antler and herd growth. There’s no reason not to give this deer attractant a try this year.

What the Reviews Say

Tink’s sweet corn mineral deer attractant ranks at #15 for scented deer attractants on Amazon.

Hunters find this deer attractant is best when used alongside other deer attractants. Combine it with deer cane, use it on the same plot you’ve placed other mineral supplements, or pour it over corn or other food to create a tastier treat.

Compared to other mineral attractants, this one is thicker than others, which can cause a problem when combing it with food or treats. It’s not as effective as a stand-alone as some hunters would like, but this is the perfect product to supplement your mineral attractants to keep the ground rich year-round.


Scented Deer Attractants

Synthetic Deer Urine DEER DANDER - 2022

why use synthetic deer urine, for Best Deer Attractants

If you’re looking to cover your scent and bring bucks right up under your feet, synthetic deer urine is the way to go. A misting spray works perfectly to cover your scent and can be applied to shoes, clothes, and other items. 

Remove the hassle of covering your scent by investing in a compact 4 oz. bottle that doubles as an attractant. The best part is that sprays and mists catch on foliage, travel further, and are still just as strong as liquid comparisons in luring bucks to your location. 

That’s why Deer Dander synthetic deer urine is a popular purchase — it goes further with less effort. 

Why We Like It

Whilst some states have made the use of real urine products illegal, synthetic deer urine is legal for use from trusted, reputable brands. Team Fitzgerald even goes the extra mile and bottles their product fresh daily, so you always get the best scent, every time.

This catches our eye and makes our list because of its two-fold use. Synthetic deer urine allows you to mask your scent while also pulling bucks in. The fact that the misting spray can also catch on the wind and coat foliage, drawing in bucks from further away, is a big bonus. Doing a lot less gives you a lot more results. 

If you’re not sure if an attractant is right for you, using this as a scent cover could be a good way to test the waters. 

What the Reviews Say

Team Fizgerald’s Deer Dander Red receives rave reviews from experienced hunters, noting that bucks often slip up unnoticed when hunters aren’t even on the lookout. Hunting prep is significantly reduced due to the amount of scent coverage the deer attractant provides, meaning less preparation of clothing, gear, and more. 

You do have to watch out to make sure you don’t use too much at once, causing the bucks to act skittish if the amount is unusual. Remember that less is more and you can slowly increase the amount if you’re not seeing results with a light mist to begin. Otherwise, this deer attractant brings in bucks that are at ease, clueless, and calm — perfect for having a good season. 


Tink's Estrous Gel Stream #69 Doe-in-Rut - 2022

Tink's Estrous Gel Stream #69 Doe-in-Rut for best deer attractants

Another take on scented deer attractants is Tink’s Estrous Gel Stream #69 Doe-in-Rut.

As opposed to other scented deer attractants, Tink’s is a gel stream – most are aerosol sprays. This offers a distinct advantage to how, where, and when you can use this deer attractant.

The gel stream has a 10ft range, perfect for getting the scent onto foliage or using from a tree stand. The thicker consistency of a gel allows it to be rain-resistant – no washing away – and it’s less likely to dry out due to high winds.

With over 1,000 reviews and a 4.3 out of 5 rating, Tink’s Estrous Gel Stream is a go-to scented deer attractant for all hunters. It’s been proven to be effective, has a realistic odor, and holds up to its claims of distance and longevity, even in harsh conditions.

Tink’s Estrous Gel Stream is also available for use during pre-rut and rut. At an affordable price point and flexible schedule of use, this is a must-have for a hunter’s pack. Haven’t tried it before? Now is the time!

Why We Like It

Tink’s Estrous Gel Stream is a popular choice for many hunters – the 1,000+ reviews don’t lie. When rounding up the best deer attractants for hunting season, it was an easy pick when choosing among several scented or odor options.

The design of the gel stream allows for the pressurizing agent to be kept separately from the lure, maintaining a pure stream every time that is true to the promised scent. This, combined with the simple-to-use design, makes it a no-brainer to have on hand.

The gel stream is intuitive, handy in a variety of hunting scenarios, and is a great option to be used in any weather condition since the thick consistency holds up to elements that would otherwise disperse an aerosol spray. Also, being used from the treestand is a brilliant design that means you can still use an effective deer attractant even if you didn’t plan ahead from the ground.

Keep it for pre-rut, save it for the rut, it doesn’t matter, this scented deer attractant works for every level hunter no matter when or where you’re hunting.

What the Reviews Say

This is a BEST SELLING deer attractant, ranked #38 in Hunting Scents overall on Amazon, and for good reason.

The reviews behind this product are all raves (mostly, there will always be hunters who are not excited by scented deer attractants). Hunters use it primarily as a cover scent, using it on logs, trees, and other items they pass by. The durability against wind and rain is found in how effective this gel scent withstands a hunter’s hike to their hunting grounds.

Hunters like this is spill-proof and easy to throw into their pack without having to worry about it. The jet stream makes tree coverage easy and simple, most hunters report it going beyond the marketed 10ft distance.

The main concerns with this product are it freezing – watch it in cold temps to ensure it holds its consistency in the can – and the locking mechanism once opened. Some buyers reported receiving a defective item, so we encourage you to always reach out to Tink’s if you suspect you received a subpar product.

Overall, there are few complaints about the actual use of the gel deer attractant from Tink’s. Pick up a spare for your hunt this season and let us know what you think!


Code Blue Whitetail Doe Urine - 2022

Code Blue Whitetail Doe Urine for best deer attractants

Looking for a scented deer attractant? Look no further than the Code Blue Whitetail Doe Urine!

This is a natural product, not man-made. Code Blue goes above and beyond to ensure each bottle is from a single whitetail doe, even including the estrogen marker of the deer on the bottle.

Working as both an attractant and a cover scent, the Code Blue Whitetail Doe Urine is the perfect deer attractant to calmly lure a buck to your hunting position while concealing your own scent.

Packaged in a dark amber bottle, it maintains freshness and potency all season long, so no concerns about buying a product you won’t be able to use or that will go stale.

Boasting a 4.5 rating with hundreds of reviews, this doe urine scented deer attractant is a popular item among hunters and at a reasonable price point that makes it a no-brainer to try out. Add it to your hunting pack today so you can discover the power of a scented deer attractant.

Why We Like It

We like the Code Blue Whitetail Doe Urine here at Hunt Peak because it’s simple yet effective. Code Blue ensures that their doe scented deer attractant is sourced from one whitetail deer only, making it pure and effective.

The packaging can last and means you’re not in a rush to use too much – the amber glass maintains the potency of the product so you can use it at your leisure without worrying about proper storage or maintenance of the attractant.

Best of all, it can be used all season long, during the rut or after it, and works as a cover scent and not just a deer attractant. If you can both lure a buck to you without worrying about your own scent, there is a win-win.

What the Reviews Say

Our favorite review of this product is “it smells like piss” (thank you user jackdanko, for the laugh).

It’s true though! The potency is accurate and isn’t “off” or in any way abnormal, which can sometimes be the cause with other synthetic deer urine attractants. Hunters are happy with the odor and that it smells exactly like advertised. There’s a reason Code Blue is a go-to brand!

As with most deer attractants, results may vary for your area. Some hunters note it works occasionally, but there’s no denying that they also find deer tracing the same path they, the hunter, took after dousing themselves with the scent.

Use appropriately and the results are yours to see! Always remember patience and try throughout the season to discover the best results.


Deer Attractant FAQ

To apply a misting or gel deer urine attractant in the field, identify the areas you want to target. This is often nearby trees and a trail to “drag” the scent. Some misting sprays can be applied directly to foliage, while others may require the use of a rag to dissipate the scent throughout the area.
Yes, you always want to use a fresh wick for misting or spray-scented deer attractants. This is because the pheromones quickly dissipate in the air and an old wick will not disperse the same fresh scent you require to attract the bucks in the area.

This is an important piece of information to have when using deer attractants, especially scented attractants that are identified as pre-rut and in the rut.

To know when the rut is at its peak and when to switch your scented deer attractants, we always recommend you consult with the local guides at your nearby hunting store. This is because they will be the most familiar with the season and the herds, able to give you firsthand knowledge to aid in your hunt.

Everyone wants a buck and everyone wants to know the secret to getting one. We recommend a variety of deer attractants to get a buck this hunting season, but the truth is only you can determine the right one for your area. With the right approach of mineral attractants, trail cameras, cover scents, and other hunting tactics can you get a buck this season.
Not a fan of the deer attractants available for purchase? Many hunters opt for a homemade deer attractant approach instead. For this, consider your area, natural flavors, tastes that are missing, strong scents, and more.
No deer scented deer attractant is going to work 100% of the time for every hunter. The top pick we recommend to begin with is natural doe urine. This is perfect for the rut to approach bucks and is the closest you will get to a guaranteed buck attractant during hunting season.
If you have access to deer corn or prefer to mix your deer attractants with deer corn, you’re going to want an attractant that complements the flavors and mixes well. The best deer attractant to mix with corn that we recommend is any of the Buck Jam liquid deer attractants. This is because liquid deer attractants will coat the corn, luring the deer in with both the scent and the taste – you can’t go wrong!
The best apple flavored deer attractant is liquid Buck Jam. It has the minerals that deer crave with the sweet and salty taste of sugary apples. This is perfect as a standalone deer attractant or you can mix it with any other foods to entice the deer onto the property.
Scented deer attractants are hit or miss among hunters – some swear by them and others never go near them. What’s important is to find the deer attractant that works for you. When purchased from a reputable brand, both natural and synthetic deer urine lures show positive results for whitetail deer hunting. Need a recommendation? Go with Code Blue whitetail deer urine.
When using deer attractants for trail cameras, syrup-consistent liquid attractants, plot mixes, and mineral supplements are all recommended deer attractants to use. This is because these will hold up to light rains, can be applied directly to the ground, and can be spread out along a trail if needed.
This is where scent attractants and scent covers really come in handy! To attract deer to your blind, ensure you follow the same pattern for set-up as you would setting our mineral attractants to influence their travel habits – set up early, so they are used to the structure, follow all local hunting laws when you can use food or mineral-based attractants, and use urine scents to both cover your scent and attract local bucks.
Mineral blocks and mineral supplements are great deer attractants because they have the nutrients deer naturally crave. When deer are in the vicinity and able to catch a whiff of mineral attractants, they are drawn to the supplement in order to satisfy their craving. This is why mineral attractants that have strong flavors or aromas also work well, because it can reach a deer who is farther away.


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