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Best Base Layers for Hunting Gear Reviews

The Best Base Layers for Hunting in 2021

When choosing your gear for the hunting season, you want to make sure you select the right base layers to keep you insulated, cool, dry, warm, protected, and comfortable. In a worst-case scenario, not having the proper base layers could leave you vulnerable to sickness, ticks, or other issues that jeopardize your health.

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best hunting bino harnesses blog post

Best Hunting Bino Harnesses for 2021

If you’re hunting without a binocular harness, you’re missing out on one of the best hunting accessories you can invest in. A bino harness isn’t just a strap around your neck, straining your muscles and bouncing against your chest. Hunting bino harnesses are designed with hunters in mind and their needs — this means comfort, accessibility, durable, and multiple functions.

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9 Best Deer Hunting Rangefinders in 2021

9 Best Deer Hunting Rangefinder in 2021 [Ultimate Guide]

The right hunting equipment is the critical difference between landing the shot when your buck wanders into sight or going home empty. After all day in a tree stand waiting for the deer to come along, you don’t want to waste your shot by miscalculating the distance and giving away your location.

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Mystery Ranch Pintler Review

Mystery Ranch Pintler Pack Review

This is an in-depth review of the Mystery Ranch Pintler backpack. Alex used the Pintler on a New Mexico elk hunt, where he harvested a bull, and tells his personal experience with the pack.

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best tree stands and tree stand accessories for 2021

Best Treestands and Accessories for Hunting in 2021

This Ultimate Treestand Guide will break down what types of tree stands are available for purchase, the pros and cons of each design, and we’ll recommend the top-of-the-line tree stands for each category. PLUS we’ve included some tree stand accessories you’ll want to pick up to get the most out of your hunt. We cover safety, accessibility, and more so you can ensure you invest in the right tree stand for your 2021 hunt.

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Sitka Apex Hoody Review

Sitka Apex Hoody Gear Review

This is an in-depth review of the Sitka Apex Hoody. Alex wore the Apex Hoody for all of the last hunting season and was very impressed. Sitka created this hoody under their big game line and offer it only in the Subalpine camo pattern.

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