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9 Best Deer Hunting Laser Rangefinders in 2022 [Ultimate Guide]

best rangefingers for deer hunting

Having the right hunting equipment can be the critical difference between landing a buck or going home empty. After all day sitting in a tree stand waiting for the deer to come along, you don’t want to waste your shot by miscalculating the distance and giving away your location.

In order to make your hunting season a success and not just endless days luring in bucks with deer calls only to miss at the last moment, do yourself a favor and invest in a deer hunting rangefinder. These are a great assist when lining up your shot with either a bow or a rifle, from anywhere from a few hundred feet to over a thousand. They may sound like a costly investment, but plenty of laser rangefinders are on the market at an affordable price range to accommodate any hunter’s budget.

Laser Rangefinders will accurately tell you how far away the deer is when he wanders into sight — no guessing, no dramatic bow drop, only clearly displayed stats that earn you better results.

Deer hunting laser rangefinders are made to fit easily in a pocket and use fast. We’ve made a list of the favored laser rangefinders by numerous hunters, so no matter what season or what weapon, there’s a match in here for you and your hunting style — and budget.



Max Range Distance

View Pricing

Sig Sauer KILO2000

2,500 yards

Vortex Fury Laser Binoculars

Vortex Fury Laser Binoculars

5,000 yards

Bushnell Prime 1300

Bushnell Prime 1300

1,300 yards



700 yards



1,200 yards

TackLife Laser

900 yards


650 yards

Vortex Ranger

Vortex Ranger

1,800 yards

Gogogo Sport Vpro 6X Laser

1,200 yards

Sig Sauer KILO2000

Notable Features

Let’s get right down to it: the Sig Sauer rangefinder is affordable, easy to use, and accurate. The red illuminated readout is easy to read in both harsh daylight and on cloudy days. The visibility is crystal clear and clean, perfect for spotting deer who blend in with the underbrush. With this rangefinder as part of your pack, you’re sure not to miss (at least not due to the rangefinder). 

The Reviews Are In: 4.6 Stars


Hunters love this rangefinder. It’s reliable, efficient, and simple to use. After trying one out — or buying one as a gift — hunters turned around and scooped up their own. 

The compact size makes it easy to tuck into a jacket pocket without it being bulky and feeling uncomfortable. It works quickly, so you’re not waiting for a readout and risking your buck walking off. Don’t be afraid to set it in a pocket and retrieve only when you need it — it can keep up.

For its price, it’s one of the best laser rangefinders you’ll purchase this season and chances are you’ll buy another one when the time comes. 

Vortex Optics Ranger Laser Rangefinder

Notable Features

If your budget can accommodate a higher-end rangefinder model, this is the one we suggest you go with. The three brightness settings are highly beneficial and give you the perfect readout display for any lighting conditions you’re up against — dark overcast, deep shadows, and even the bright sun.

The three modes of use include Horizontal Component Distance, which is the primary mode, to help with angled shooting and works for rifles and bowhunting; Line of Sight, for rifle shooters that take into account ballistic drop data; Scan, for moving targets or smaller targets on busy backgrounds. What more could you ask for? All of these settings combined together give you a perfect, accurate readout. 

The Reviews Are In: 4.8 Stars


The highest-rated of all of our laser rangefinders we’re reviewing today, this one takes the cake as a popular, affordable model any hunter should pick up. The adjustable brightness really helps hunters view the readouts, even in unfavorable conditions. The three modes come in handy and can be cycled through to find the exact fit you need.

Best of all, Vortex is a reputable company that provides exchanges on items that aren’t operating correctly and the model comes with a lifetime warranty. A good buy at a good price, you can’t go wrong. 

Vortex Fury HD 5000 Laser Rangefinder Binoculars

Notable Features

If you’re not limited by a budget, the Vortex Fury Laser Binoculars are the way to go. Extremely compact and durable, these are easy to use and provide multiple modes to make scanning easier and more accurate before lining up your shot.

HCD mode compensates for elevated shooting distances or even steep terrain, resulting in a true horizontal readout. Add-in the scan mode, which gives continuous updates as you sweep the terrain or track a buck, and you’ve got it made. 

Vortex also considered durability, portability, and weather-proofing when making this model. It’s made to fit in a jacket pocket easily, despite the size, it can be mounted on a tripod stand, will hold up against foggy and wet weather, and uses multi-coated surfaces with various technologies to always give a crisp, clear view. When you need a two-in-one that is strong with a clean readout, this is the hunting investment to make.

The Reviews Are In: 4.6 Stars


Hunters agree — these are well worth the price. Save up the extra cash to order the Fury Laser binoculars and your future hunt will show you the difference immediately. Yes, they’re really that good.

The laser provides fast results in a pinch and the lenses truly are crystal clear for sharp visibility. Although the Vortex Fury Laser is a bit heavier than other laser rangefinders, it’s worth it for the results and accuracy. Plus, you eliminate the need for both binoculars and a rangefinder, freeing up space and time. Treat yourself and you’ll reap the rewards this season. This is a must-add to your wishlist.

Bushnell Prime 1300 Rangefinder

Notable Features

You might recognize this rangefinder from our Ultimate Deer Hunting Gear Guide For New Hunters — it’s such a favorite of ours we had to include it again for our rangefinder round-up. One of the most affordable laser rangefinders out there with high ratings, it’s not the top of the line but it will give your hunting season a boost without breaking the bank. This is a great pick for new hunters or hunters who are unfamiliar with laser rangefinders and aren’t ready to make a big investment. 

This is a favorite rangefinder to recommend because of the various options it offers plus the simplicity of use. You can swap between different modes depending on your needs, it is designed for 1-hand operation, and uses angle range technology to help you level out your shot when hunting from a treestand. This is a great rangefinder to get you started without sacrificing much compared to other more expensive models.  

The Reviews Are In: 4.3 Stars


The glass lenses and clarity on this rangefinder are huge draws for users. If you’ve only had laser rangefinders with plastic lenses before, making this upgrade will be a big difference in how you hunt. Never tried a rangefinder with glass lenses before? Time to make the leap. It works great in daylight and provides a fast readout so you’re not left waiting for results.

One con of this model is the range readout in low light situations — it’s very dim and hard to read for most hunters, so take that into account when weighing your options. Outside of that, users are happy and find no faults with this model. If you’re looking for a rangefinder on a budget and don’t mind sacrificing a readout that displays in light situations, this is a good one to get started with. 

AOFAR HX-700N Rangefinder

Notable Features

Accurate and affordable, this is a great hunting rangefinder option for any season. It’s hard to beat the available modes — fog, range, scan, and speed. If you’re in an area with unpredictable or unfavorable weather, this could be a huge boost when out on the hunt. 

Highly accurate, many hunters have tested it before use and found it spot on. Pair it with a clear readout, a lightweight design, and an easy power button, you’ve got a win right here. 

We like this rangefinder because it takes into account shifting weather patterns. Not only is the readout good for any light, but its scan will also adjust based on unfavorable weather, like fog, to give you the most accurate readout each time. 

The Reviews Are In: 4.6 Stars


This is a hunter’s favorite rangefinder and it’s easy to see why. The auto-off power saves battery life but one button press turns it back on with ease — no fast battery drain and no waiting for power-up. The lightweight design means you can carry it all day around your neck or on a belt clip with no issues, so it’s always at hand without being uncomfortable. Plus, the lowlight visibility is a win.

Even outside of the hunt, users enjoy this for golf, shooting ranges, and just measuring the speed of the cars in their area. It has multiple functions so you can use it year-round if hunting isn’t the only outdoor activity you partake in. One purchase, multiple uses. 

AOFAR HX-1200T Rangefinder

Notable Features

One step up from the HX-700N, the HX-1200T ranges further, accommodates bow and rifle modes, and helps calculate angle shots when you’re up at an elevated height (aka, sharp inclines or treestand hunters). It takes all of the things that make the HX-700N stand apart and raises the bar to a new level.

This makes our list because it’s affordable, perfect for bow and rifle hunting, stands up against the weather, and is reliable. When compared to some higher-end name-brand rangefinder models, the HX-1200T stands up to the test and comes in low on price.

This is a great option if you want all of the perks but are limited to staying in budget. That’s because AOFAR has packed all of the critical elements into one model without stretching the bank. 

The Reviews Are In: 4.6 Stars


Hunters are continuously surprised by the performance of this rangefinder and for good reason: it performs exceptionally well at a price point you wouldn’t expect.

The range distance is no joke — when checked for accuracy, hunters find it is consistently within a yard of perfect accuracy. Plus, it’s just as light as the previous model with the same clear quality. Slip it into a pocket, add it to the gear bag, or keep it close at hand on a lanyard because you’re going to want this handy.

The readout display is fast and easily visible, a must for most hunters when selecting their rangefinder. The different modes really work, reducing the guesswork you normally have to make when adding in your angle, bow drop, and overall distance before making a shot.

The only con with this rangefinder is that you may want to pick up a different case to protect it when not in use, as the ones it comes with isn’t totally perfect. Aside from that, happy hunting with this rangefinder, you’re about to have a good season.

TackLife Laser Rangefinder

Notable Features

Great zoom, good price tag, and plenty durable when in the rain: we added the TackLife Laser Rangefinder to our list because it picks up in some areas where other laser rangefinders leave off.

This model has an auto-off after twenty seconds of inactivity — compared to the AOFAR series, which shuts off at eight seconds — so this gives you a bit more time of inactivity before it needs to be powered back on. 

A big win for this item is the USB charging; convenient for plugging in to your car when heading out to the hunt if you forgot to charge it overnight. Plus, it is tripod attachable so you can set it for when and where you need it. It’s simple, effective, and a good investment.

The Reviews Are In: 4.5 Stars


Not the highest-ranking rangefinder on our list but a solid contender, hunters who purchase this rangefinder are happy with the results. With four modes it is flexible in how you use it and you can adapt to your situation: range mode, scan mode, speed mode, and flagpole locking mode for those skinnier objects. This makes it great for hunters to get exactly the stats they need.

The accuracy holds up and although there is a small learning curve to using this rangefinder, it’s smooth sailing once you’ve mastered the settings. It’s not the fastest model on the market but it’s not slow by any means — the durability and accuracy more than make up for it when you’re out on the hunt. 

The one con TackLife Laser Rangefinder mentions is that this model is not created to hold up in foggy weather with the same accuracy, so you want to consider your hunting conditions before making the investment. Overall, hunters love how simple this one is to use and that it offers all the modes they need. Sometimes, simple is better.

BIJIA Laser Rangefinder

Notable Features

Another solid rangefinder at an affordable price, this is perfect for new hunters. Great for first-time rangefinder users, this one is simple, to the point, and has the basic functions any hunter needs.

Its design is very intuitive and easy for new users to navigate, which is why we like it compared to more complex models. An attached wrist strap adds a little extra security and because of the lightweight design, it won’t be a bother carrying around on your hunt. All in all, a great option for bow and rifle hunters alike. 

The Reviews Are In: 4.6 Stars


Many hunters note this was their first rangefinder purchase and it holds up to their expectations.

The intuitive design at the affordable price is the big draw, as you can figure it out directly out of the box, without needing to consult the user manual to get the hang of it. Some other laser rangefinders do have a learning curve, this is a great option for those who don’t want to spend time learning a new device.

It’s clear, the accuracy holds up, and it’s quick with the readout. Plus, it’s been designed to handle low-light modes, so you’re not left guessing under dark weather. Add in that it has a few modes meant to help on the golf course, too, it becomes the one rangefinder you need for all of your activities. Definitely pick this rangefinder up if you want simple, straightforward, and easy to use.

Gogogo Sport Vpro 6X Laser Rangefinder

Notable Features

Another intuitive design, this is a great recommendation for new hunters looking for their first rangefinder.

It’s lightweight and has a simple design, so you can pop it out of the box and go. It’s water-resistant to hold up to rainy days and is durable, even when dropped in rough terrain.

A great purchase for those hunters who want something simple to use in rough terrain. Plus, it has multiple modes that help both during the hunt and on the golf course.

The Reviews Are In: 4.5 Stars


The best thing about this rangefinder is how simple it is to use. Hunters love they can pop it out of the box and go, no time needed to try and learn the set-up or navigation. Easy-to-use models are very popular and if that’s what you need, this is a great buy that doesn’t sacrifice accuracy.

Unlike some other rangefinder models, the grip is not as firm as others on this one, so keep that in mind if you’re the clumsy type. Otherwise, it helps with accuracy, provides a clear picture, and has a clean readout in daylight. If you’re a general hobbyist hunter who isn’t looking for the highest-tech model, you can’t go wrong with this rangefinder this season.



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